Top countries to outsource software development

The pool of specialists includes profound experts in Java, C++, and Python. Still, there are some drawbacks one can face while cooperating with Indian outsourcing companies. For instance, many self-taught, poor-quality agencies lack relevant experience and expertise. Additionally, the Indian software market suffers from issues with privacy legislation and data protection. Also, outsourcing software development allows diving into the talent pool of unique specialists with diverse competences and at reasonable rates.

Recruiters require specific knowledge and have to run multiple tests to check both their hard and soft skills. Finding a professional developer who meets all project requirements is becoming a more challenging task. As for the US – things are a little more complicated (the same as with Ukraine), and there is a reasonable time difference, which can be overcome via adaptable processes. Yet, certain nuances can still be caused by imperfections in pronunciation or written English. However, these nuances can be easily overcome by arranging effective processes and a skilled proofreader (which is in each Ukrainian IT company). Let’s be honest here – Ukraine is located in a different time zone from the US, which, at first sight, makes it no different from India.

Tips for Choosing a Country to Outsource

US, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia – they all have differences in
software development outsourcing. For example, the US has high salary rates,
while Asian specialists are considered the cheapest. Not to mention, the cost of living in Bulgaria is relatively low, which means your outsourcing budget will go further. Moreover, while English isn’t the first language spoken in Bulgaria, most software developers are fluent in it and can communicate effectively with clients worldwide. Assuming that you are based in the United States, there are a few different time zones to consider when outsourcing software development to another country.

In 2023, the Ukrainian IT sector will keep expanding both quantitatively and qualitatively. The statistics on the state of Ukraine’s outsourcing and outstaffing operations demonstrate good developments even during the war. In 2022–2023, outsourcing to Ukraine experienced a surge in demand as more foreign corporations recognized the advantages of cooperation and supported Ukrainian IT firms. By 2024, there will be an anticipated 2x growth in the number of tech specialists in Ukraine, reaching 450K. From the article in Atlasiko’s blog, you can find out more about the state of the IT outsourcing industry in Ukraine.

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Contractors from the Philippines are noted to work faster than experts in other Asian countries. More than 190,000 technical experts work in the country, according to PISA (Philippine Software Industry Association). Experts predict that the number of tech specialists will reach 210,000 by 2022. A variety of time zones among countries is a hard question for many enterprises to handle when collaborating with outsourcing agencies.

Which country belongs to top 3 outsourcing company?

  • UKRAINE. Number of IT specialists. 228,000+
  • India. Number of IT specialists.
  • China. Number of IT specialists.
  • Poland. Number of IT specialists.
  • philippines. Number of IT specialists.
  • Brazil. Number of IT specialists.
  • Romania. Number of IT specialists.
  • Czech Republic. Number of IT specialists.

In the first half of 2022 the revenues of the ITC industry had an estimated value of $77B, up 17% from the same period last year. This makes Vietnam #8 among the top counties by high-technology exports in the world. The country already houses around 190K developers, who are located in such BPO hubs as Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Bacolod.

Western Europe

When it comes to outsourcing, the Romanian people are at the front of the herd. “About 1.5 percent of the active population in Romania is working in outsourcing,” reports Business Review as of 2018. In total, this workforce comprises “a total of 125,000 employees that generates an income of EUR 4 billion.” In US dollars, that’s roughly to $4.3 billion earned from outsourcing each year. Canada builds a strong educational infrastructure with a high-qualified point on technology such as 18.6% of Canada’s annual graduates have STEM degrees. Although English isn’t common here, 80% of their IT community speaks English, so communication barriers are an absolutely concerning issue here.

  • Although some companies are still wary to outsource programmer expertise from Romania because of old myths and false assumptions, present-day stats show growth in the market.
  • To meet the growing demand for IT specialists, companies are opting to outsource some of their essential and non-essential business functions to third-party businesses.
  • A lot of people refer to Egypt as an “African IT center.” which also adds to the description of the best outsourcing countries in 2023.
  • Ukraine, despite going through a full-scale war, keeps its brand as one of Europe’s most technologically developed countries.
  • Proceeding from Clutch and Upwork, hourly rates for Indian software engineers range between $ 10-25, which is approximately five times cheaper than in Western countries.

As you can see, businesses looking to outsource have many options when it comes to sending IT and software work to other countries. From cost savings to better coverage over the 24-hour cycle, offshoring and nearshoring CompTIA Authorized Partners: Helping Meet the Industry Demand for Tech Professionals can hugely benefit your organization. An outsourcing partner’s costs will tie directly in with the local cost of living. Generally speaking, the lower the cost of living, the better price you can expect to pay.