Information Abundance

‘Few will doubt that humankind has created a planet-sized problem for itself. No one wished it so, but we are […]

Global Catastrophic Risks (GCR)

Global Catastrophic Risks ‘History shows that, only when the leaders of the world’s great power structures have become convinced that […]

Miscommunication Ethics

Anthony Wilden (1935-2019) writes that ‘all communication is miscommunication’ (1972, p. 242). So-doing, he identifies the central role of miscommunication […]

Self-Governance and Self-Learning

Implied in traditional models of democracy are connected axiomatic principles [5D] of self-learning and self-governing. Simply, its better to be […]


‘… there have appeared, from time to time, individuals who grew to maturity without losing the full inventory of their […]

Physics of Life

Communication physics is the study of the energy and matters of life. Since, even before Albert Einstein (1879-1955) famously connected […]

Communication Physics

A great change is underway in human affairs. Our opportunity is to create the world’s first global civilization, aided by […]

Values of an Artist

‘The divergent scales of values scream in discordance, they dazzle and daze us, and in order that it might not […]

Values & Actions

An important distinction between the language of values and of actions is commonly ignored. Partly, because it has not been […]

United We Stand

By examining the values of life embedded in action and interaction – or simply communication – people create new conditions […]

A Role for Citizen Science?

Many people – actually citizens because they have rights – were probably put-off science at school. Students good at science, […]

Keys to The Queen

A new age demands a new working method.In ‘The Wellspring of Reality’ (1975), R.B. Fuller describes how our ‘most polluted […]

Crisis Response

For those ignoring the multiple global catastrophic risks now confronting the whole living Earth, this is a notice. No one […]

Timeocracy Defined

‘With regard to authority, it is the greatest weakness to attribute infinite credit to particular authors, and to refuse his […]