All Life is One

We each occupy this one living planet in exquisite mass abundance, now proved by science, against the model of an outdated ‘life-blind political-economy’ dominating today. 

Each human being establishes fundamental rights to define their own lives, to protect themselves and to acknowledge the right to life for all others. 

Alternative to this integrated vision of a connected web of life, is simply destruction of life on a scale beyond reckoning, as is happening today. 

Member Services

SCE learning programmes support the income of each Member via paid-roles as facilitators.

These SCE ‘learn-as-you-earn’ programmes centre citizen wellbeing and income requirements, making each of us more conscious, more active and more employable. 

To begin: 

1.0 become a Member and agree to our life protecting Member Ethos 

2.0 book a course, free to Members and paid if you represent an organisation Member 

3.0 attend a one-day learning event, training to facilitate one hour introductory SCE events and learning how to be paid to do so 

4.0 prepare for SCE’s five- day certificated learning programme for Members to deliver certified one-day learning events on a paid basis 

5.0 Members are given materials and provided guidance and tools to prepare them to deliver learning to others. Members are able to create SCE groups to learn together. 

* While contributing to SCE events and network development all your data is your own, and private. SCE operates under conditions of the highest data security and privacy requirements. 

SCE Governance

Schools of Communication Ethics (SCE) are community governed, not-for-profit membership networks of learners and trainers.

All SCE Members are included in decision-making along democratic (quorate) guidelines. 

A General Meeting is held annually (quorum 25) and a member-led international governance group oversees day-to-day network admin. 

New governance arrangements will be put into place as SCE networks grow. 

Remember, in the new age, everyone is an active learning citizen with rights! 

Member Ethos

Members of the School of Communication Ethics (SCE) consider that:

‘All life has value’, as decided by citizens in updated democratic assemblies controlling their own governance. 

We recognise that human life depends for its existence on all other life. 

People are not separate, they are bound together on this one living planet, ‘our lifeworld.’ 

As a community of conscience, SCE Members support life protection via shared learning approaches and dedication to the betterment of life on Earth, for all. 

As SCE Members, we accept joint and several responsibility to protect the reputation, values and integrity of our School’s shared networks and to prove through our own actions that a better world is possible. 

In the event of disputes between Members or outside parties, SCE Members agree to independent arbitration and to abide by arbitrator decisions. 

Dispute resolution via public challenge, may reduce engagement with the wider needs of SCE Members, so remains a last resort. 


Member Network Terms & Conditions

A citizen becomes a member of The School of Communication Ethics (SCE) by upholding the SCE Member Ethos and with payment of annual member fees.

All Members may join local SCE groups, as self-organised by Members. 

SCE Members build paid income after undertaking FREE one-day facilitator training. 

Each ‘certified’ SCE trainer is paid to undertake ‘one hour facilitated introductions’ or ‘external paid for dialogue events’ on a published fee basis. 

All money for events facilitation is paid directly to SCE, then paid 80% to facilitators on proof of successful event completion. Twenty per cent of fees remain with SCE to cover network costs. 

Organisations may join SCE as Members – individual representatives are identified as Members – and then certified organisation Members pay to hold internal learning events. 

In any dispute between Members and non-member — fee-paying client organisations — quality resolution aims to maximise Member income and avoid reputation damage to SCE and client organisations. 

Organisations register as organisation members via the SCE website, while SCE membership designation (MSCE) is only available to individual Members. 

SCE facilitators, having undertaken a minimum of five (5) one-hour paid introductory events with good feedback from organisation members, are entitled to a free SCE certified five-day training course. Members are then certified to undertake one-day facilitated learning for commercial clients and to receive published rates of remuneration.