The School of Communication Ethics (SCE) is a charitable learning network for citizens, workers and students to improve their individual and collective worlds.

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For $5 per anum, Members receive monthly news-emails and invitations to join free courses.

SCE encourage Members to become trained facilitators to earn income from delivering communication ethics programmes.

Weekly Member Newsletter

SCE’s weekly newsletter provides its own learning programme using news and current affairs as case material. 

The newsletter also introduces a worldwide vision and practical learning to build the personal income of each Member.

Kickstarter Campaign

Our Kickstarter Campaign is truly exciting. Aiming to fund a revolutionary digital learning and decision platform using [5D] VisualLogic. 

Once this is funded the platform offers a commercial engine for the development of communication ethics on a worldwide basis. 

Members and supporters then benefit from commercial activity, fees and income, including access via the school to learning libraries, decision tools and citizen science methods to aid their life-long learning.